Zindagi ki kalam Se

Zindagi ki kalam Se

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Author: Priyanka Bansal & Others

The book ‘Zindagi ki kalam Se’ is all about mixed emotions; love, motivation, inspiration and philosophy.

All the poets have beautifully portrayed the colors of life through their poetry. Life is a mixture of all kinds of emotions and the poets have blended the same in a soothing manner. The phases, the journey of life with all ups and downs need some real answers at times.

When we are broken and shattered, a few words of love and care energize us towards a new beginning. That is the moment when we need to motivate and inspire ourselves, open a new chapter towards life and see smiles and success flowing our way.

But life is not that easy. It is too deep and complicated to understand. There has to be a reality check at times. The practical situations and segment needs to be endured to be in the pace of the world. This is the philosophy of life that needs to be accepted.

A small attempt to bring the true picture through  poetic lines.


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