Short Story Writing Contest 2016

Establish Yourself as a Published Author & Stand Abreast the Established Authors
Your destiny as an established published author is just a short story away.  Add wings to your imagination. Write a short story and submit to Indian Authors Association and we will publish it as a collection of short stories written by other established authors.
This contest is organized in joint collaboration of IAA and Thought Stream Publications, Mumbai. The book will be published, released and marketed by Thought Stream Publications. The final launch date of the book will be announced on  June 21, 2016 along with the release of the Book Cover.


General Terms of Short Story Submission

    1. Participation in this contest is absolutely free.
    2. The entries will be accepted in English only.
    3. Only one entry (one story) will be accepted from one participant.
    4. Both Indian & International Authors can participate
    5. The entries should not exceed 2000 words. Your story must be typed in Times New Roman font having size 12 points.
    6. Send the entry in .doc, .docx or .rtf format. Please do not send .pdf files.
    7. You may attach maximum two visual to support your story. Please attach images only if they are necessary to support your story.
    8. Please do not send any copyright images or visuals as they will not be published.
    9. The participant must have attained the age of 18 years or above at the time of submission. All participants are required to submit their proof of age along with identification proof to support their entry.
    10. Write short story which underlies moral values and delivers a message to the society.
    11. You may send story related to any genre such as Romance, Thriller, Science Fiction, Humor, Horror, Relationships, Mythology, etc. except Erotica.
    12. A story resembling a biography will not be entertained.
    13. Indian Authors Association reserves the right to select or reject entries. Names of selected participants will be declared on our website. No further communication will be entertained with the participants in this regard.
    14. The selected entries will be published in the form of an anthology by Indian Authors Association.
    15. IAA will publish names of all the authors on cover page of the book along with a brief introduction and a photograph of each author in the inner pages of the book.
    16. All cost related to publication, copyright, marketing, promotion and sales etc. will be taken care by Indian Authors Association.
    17. The participants whose entry has been selected for publication will not be entitled to have any kind of royalty. Indian Authors Association will reserve all the rights and the revenue generated will be utilized for the benefit of IAA.
    18. IAA will also undertake an affidavit and undergo an agreement from all the selected participants before publishing the book.
    19. The jurisdiction to all legal matters will be Ambala (Haryana).

How to a make submission

All submission should be emailed at  before June 21, 2016 by 5.00 pm on the day of submission deadline, as detailed above. The Indian Author Association can only accept submissions that include age proof, full name, address and contact number.

Submission Method