What social media strategy to adopt for effective freelance book publishing career

Today the social media has become the important part of everyone’s life. It is expanding it horizon in every field from availability of online book publisher to selling the books online and what not. Nowadays there are many websites who publishes the books for the new writers and provide them the new path of writing. Gone are the days when the writers have to be dependent on the publishing houses to sell their books.

Now with coming up of digital technology everything has been changed starting from publishing houses, writers, booksellers to online book publisher, ebook publisher, proofreaders and writers.

The availability of internet and social media has made the life of both the writers and the readers easy. The writers can easily upload their books on the websites and the readers can download from their thus giving them multiple choice.

Social media is the current iteration of internet which provide for the social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and many other websites.

Benfits Of Social Media

  • Authors: Authors can assist publishers in book marketing by increasing their visibility and awareness through social media. Their interaction with followers and friends on sites like Twitter and Facebook ,where they can discuss about the book which is going to be published or has already been published draws the attention of many buyer.

These social media sites can are the best platform for the freelancer writers or the new writers website such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., where they can prove their writing capabilities. Websites like Linkedin and Twitter is the best way of informing the other employer about the qualities

  • Editors: Social media is the paramount platform for the editors also who filter, condense and improve upon manuscripts from writers.

Editors participate in conversations with their followers and friends on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook which could also serve as a good source of reference.

Moreover, social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc. could serve as discussion platforms for some editorial rules on spelling, punctuation and grammar and many others. These editors build their brand through these sites, employment opportunities for freelance editors could be opened.

So, social media acts as a bridge between the writers and the editor giving both of them the good employment opportunity.

  • Publisher : The online purchases have facilitated the need for publishers to market and sell their products online by using social media platform. It has, therefore, become paramount for publishers to upload their work not only on companies website but also reach the readers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, YouTube, and other social sites.

Further, publishers can easily sell their work by answering to the queries, complaints on their blogs by readers. The publishers can also offer some discounts to their readers on the bulk purchase or any article or book published by them by any writer.


Social media is the best platform freelancers or for selling the books which are written by new writers