There Is A Tide…

There Is A Tide…

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Author: Simar Malhotra

This is Rhea’s story…

Young, carefree and happy, her life revolves around her family—her loving parents and two older brothers. Arjun, the eldest, is her favourite. He is an idealistic young man who is an active member of the People’s Party. Her other brother, Daksh, is moody and taciturn—the black sheep of this perfect family.

Rhea’s is thrilled when she is admitted into a summer programme at Yale University. She arrives with starry-eyed exceptions and is immediately caught up by the excitement of university life in America. She makes new friends, including the dashing but enigmatic Abhimanyu—blissfully unaware of the storm clouds that are gathering back home.

Her world is shattered upon hearing that Arjun has been arrested for the murder of a police constable during a political rally held by the People’s Party. She returns home to find her family in a state of hopelessness. Arjun is in Tihar Jail; her father is lying in a coma; her mother distraught. The only one in control is Daksh, who has shed his eccentric ways and is determined to prove Arjun’s innocence.

Then Abhimanyu arrives unexpectedly and joins forces with Rhea and Daksh to unravel the web of deceit that shrouds the mystery behind Arjun’s wrongful murder charge.

But can their mission to prove Arjun’s innocence succeed? Can they overcome the powerful nexus of unscrupulous politicians and a biased police force and right the wrong?

This debut novel is a strong comment on political intrigue and its impact on the lives of ordinary citizens.

The book was released on 9th September, 2014 by Padma Bhushan Javed Akhtar Sahab.