The Scepter of Juvenile India

Justice delayed is justice denied!! Young girl under the brutality of six men, that night of 16 December 2012 when humanity got buried in the capital city of the country, yet no immediate action taken against the culprits! Thousands of young voices claiming justice for Damini compelled the jurisdiction to arrest the offenders and take serious actions against them. Thus, a new law came into force.

This is the power of young India! From independence till today, the youth has been an indispensible part of the country. As Chanakya had aptly said, “the youth is the hope of our future”, productive youth is a blessing for a country. India ranks second after China demographically. Today China has captured almost all the markets of the world but it is pertinent to mention that majority of the population of China comprises of people above 50 years of age which is tantamount to the non-productive age group whereas in case of India majority of the working population comprises of the people of age group 18-50 years where a person is in his initial years of working and is full of zeal and energy which results into higher productivity. Gone are the days when only experienced older people were recruited by companies, the present era is the era of young blood full of ideas and will to achieve their desires, the reason why India is today the hub of BPOs. With over 650 million of English speaking youth, India has made tremendous growth in the service sector that has helped in raising the GDP of the economy. The youth of any nation has the vigor to bring in revolutions.

The respect for Bhagat Singh and Kalpana Chawla never dies in our hearts. They were the young generations of their time who had the zeal to incorporate changes of which the world is well aware of. The excitement of learning separates the youth from old age. For some, youth may be defined in terms of age while for others youth may be defined in terms of passion. Had youth been subjected to only age perhaps the Mangalyan Mission may not have been successful enough. Though not young enough physically yet the lively spirit of the team ISRO made it possible for us to accomplish the mission successfully. The clouds of darkness can be removed with the sunshine of youth. Keeping this in view, the government has taken various initiatives in molding the future of the country by establishing various training institutions and universities. Around 254 universities exist in India that enroll the young brains to channelize their ideas into productive avenues.

The big bang brought in by ICICI bank for private investors was an idea promoted by the young master mind Ms. Chanda Kochhar. By giving a proper direction to her ideas, she has been successful in establishing ICICI bank as a top most development bank of the country. It is said that a picture in the eyes is better than a word in the ears. With coming up of a film like 3 idiots, young actor Mr. Amir Khan was able to show the world the individuality of every person, their talents and to capitalize over them to produce marvelous results.

Young actors working in movies like these have helped the society to uplift their opinions and allow their child to grow in their area of interest. Politics is a field where only old people were considered as men of wisdom, but with the recent Delhi elections it has been proved that it is not age that matters it is the idea that is more important and the youth of-course have got them in abundance. Young people are more challenge seeking and risk taking. They have faith in their abilities and have the power to show the world that they can achieve their dreams. India has achieved independence after a long time and since then the youth of the country has always helped it in keeping its head high. 2011 World cup cricket, a man in his twenties guides his team and under his captain-ship the country wins the World Cup on its own ground. M.S. Dhoni, has not only brought world cup home but has set up many records. Young players like Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina have kept the aspirations from team India always high. Saina Nehwal, the young Indian badminton player brought so many accolades for the country in itself justifies the valour of young India.

Swami Vivekananda who died at 39, was a man who had witnessed the role of young generations prior in his life mentioned in his quotes that “it is hard for a young man to believe that there is such a thing as death and therefore he is optimistic in his life” young people are comparatively fearless in taking opportunities that involve risk. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, the young lady who did not use the power of her education as an employee of some company but she herself started up her own venture Biocon Ltd. Had she not dared to start up such a venture crores of profit would have been only a vision than reality.

Though very cliché’ but it is pertinent to mention that every coin has got two sides- while on one hand the young energies can be channelized more productively on the other hand these energies if not handled meticulously can put the country in grief. The youth of any country can either bring rays of sunshine or it can make the future bleak in the smoke of cigarettes. The wisdom one acquires in his youth can either prove to be affirmative or it can bring waves of negation. This is the reason why the crime rate of India is on a hike. However, being pessimist is no solution to the problem.

We can only spread wisdom by following wisdom ourselves as Mahatma Gandhi had said “ be the change you want to see in the world”. Young India has got tremendous power in every field of work. Today mother India has become so strong that her hands that used to rock the cradle have now started to rule the world.

Alisha Hussain Tobwala

B.N.P.G. Girls’ College, Udaipur