Parts of a Book ~ Every Author & Book Lover Must Know

There are thousands of authors and billions of book lovers worldwide but unfortunately most of them don’t know that book has many parts. Here is the list below with description and parts of a book, this something every author and reader must know.

Acknowledgments:  a statement of thanks at the beginning of a book, made by the writer to people who have helped

Addendum: a piece of extra information that is added to a book, document, speech etc

 Afterword: a part at the end of a book that has a few final remarks

Appendix: a section giving extra details at the end of a book, part of a book, or document

Artwork: pictures, photographs, or drawings that are used in a book, magazine etc

Back: the last part of a book, newspaper etc

Binding: the cover of a book that holds the pages together and protects them

Blurb: information printed on the outside of something, especially something for sale such as a book, to describe it or make itattractive to buy

Body: the main part of a book or document, not including the introduction, notes, or appendices (=parts added at the end)

Book: one of the sections of a long book such as the Bible

Bookplate: a piece of paper with your name on it that you stick inside the front of a book that you own

Chapter: one of the sections into which a book is divided. A chapter usually has a number or a title

Cliffhanger: an exciting end to part of a book or television programme that makes you want to read or watch the next part

Content: a list at the beginning of a book or magazine, showing the parts into which the book or magazine is divided

Cover: the outside page at the front or back of a book or magazine

Cross reference: a note in a book that tells you to look at another page for more information

Dedication: a statement at the beginning of something such as a book or song that tells people it has been written for a person you love oradmire

Dust cover: a dust jacket

Dust jacket: a loose paper cover for a book that protects the hard cover

Epigraph: a short piece of writing put at the beginning of a book or on a building or statue

Epilogue: an extra part added at the end of a novel, long poem, or other piece of writing

Extract: a short piece of writing taken from something such as a book or letter

Figure: a drawing in a book that gives information

Flyleaf: the first or last page of a book that is next to the cover and has nothing printed on it

Foreword: a short introduction to a book, usually written by someone other than the writer

Frontispiece: a picture at the beginning of a book on the page opposite the one with the title on it

Front matter: the information at the beginning of a book before the main part starts

Gazetteer: a list of place names given at the end of an atlas (=book of maps), or in a dictionary that lists and describes places

Illustration: a picture, drawing, or photograph used for decorating a book or explaining something

Imprint: the name and address of a publisher, printed at the beginning of a book

Index: an alphabetical list of something such as subjects or names at the back of a book, that shows on which page they arementioned

Introduction: the part at the beginning of a book, report etc that gives a general idea of what it is about

Jacket: a cover for a book

Key: a list of answers to the questions in a test or in a book

Leaf: a sheet of paper, especially in a book

Lesson: a section in a book that teaches you about a particular subject

Note: an extra piece of information about something in a book

Offprint: an article from a book or magazine that is printed separately

Plate: a picture printed on special paper in a book

Preface: an introduction to a book or a speech

Prolog: an American spelling of prologue

Prologue: a piece of writing at the start of a book that introduces the story

Recto: a page on the right side of an open book. A page on the left side is called a verso.

Sleeve: a paper or plastic cover that protects something such as a record or a book

Spine: the edge of a book where all the pages are fixed together

Supplement: an extra section in a book, or an additional book that gives more information

Thumb index: the letters of the alphabet printed on the edges of a book’s pages to help you to find what you are looking for quickly

Title: the name of a book, poem, film, play, or other work of art

Title page: the page at the front of a book that shows its title, the name of the writer etc

Verso: a page on the left side of a book. The page on the right side is the recto.

Vignette: a small decoration printed in a book

Vocabulary: a list of words and their meanings, especially in a book for learning a foreign language


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