New Book “The Return to Beginnings”

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Author: Shruti Chandra

The Return to Beginnings is the memoir of a woman who traces her beginnings to revisit the people who shaped her life. As a child, her unpretentious attempts to understand the world are forgiven, which, when persistently courted as an adult, forces her outside the borders of acceptability. She courts acceptance while the wildness of her heart forces her towards a different path.

Successes at work come with failings at personal relationships. The memories of the strained relationship between parents, and her instinctive yet conflicting love for Ma dominates and damages her love relationship, even as she struggles to break free. After she loses the important and gains the necessary, her final struggle culminates in bringing back a morsel of the past: Ma in their childhood home. She builds what has been lost, but past cannot be bought back. As she tries to regain the innocent life at her childhood home, her mother achieves it with her granddaughter.

At sixty-three, Sahana has become her mother, alone and smoking, picking up trivia for distraction. Her home, her daughter and her memoir remain the returns of her life.