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Discover the stories behind your favorite authors with our exclusive author interviews. Gain insight into the creative process, inspirations, and unique perspectives of both debut and established writers.

An Interview with Susy Smith, Author of ‘Asylum’ Series

Susy Smith is a celebrated dystopian storyteller, author, and curriculum specialist for the Kanza Tribe in Oklahoma. Armed with a deep understanding of language, the resilience of the human spirit, and a bachelor’s degree in English, she weaves captivating, award-winning stories that leave readers wanting more.  Smith’s literary journey commenced with “Asylum,” a gripping novel […]

A Magical Conversation with Fantasy Maestro L. Bossi

The Enpirion Project is a trilogy of fully illustrated, LGBT+ fantasy novels. The first two books, Exordium and Nadir, are available for purchase.  The third book is currently in the long, arduous illustration phase (it’s fully written).  The books follow Enpirion/Piri, a young (by the age standards of his race) Seri soldier as he deals with […]

Korynn Newville’s Journey from Architecture to Authorship

Korynn’s drawings and passion for the environment are the catalysts that lead to her writing. Her book, “Indiscernible Elements” derives from her architectural thesis work on how architecture needs to practice with living and dying and can no longer draw, design, and think from only a human perspective. Korynn received her Master of Architecture from […]

Unveiling the Depths of Poetry: A Conversation with Varsha Alimchandani

Varsha Alimchandani is an Indian poet who delves into the depths of love, loss, and existence. She cannot go a single day without writing and has published two poetry books in English. Her work explores various facets of femininity and society through her thought-provoking lens of a woman’s world. Varsha offers profound insights into complex […]

Unveiling the Motivation Behind Rebecca Inch-Partridge’s Writing

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing author Rebecca Inch-Partridge, a writer who cannot resist the call to put pen to paper. Writing is not just a hobby for her; it’s a necessity. The pressure of ideas building up in her mind becomes so intense that she must release them onto the page to find […]

Discovering the Purpose of Life – In Conversation with Author Dave Dale

In a world that often leaves us questioning the purpose and meaning of life, Author Dave Dale embarks on a profound exploration in his book, “The Purpose of Life: To Love and To Create.” Dissatisfied with the prevailing answers he encountered, Dave delved deep into the depths of existence, unearthing astonishing revelations along the way. […]

Challenging Traditional Economic Theories: A Conversation with Jo M. Sekimonyo

Jo is the founder of “En Charge,” an independent and non-partisan organization that promotes the participation of young people in social, political, and economic dialogues at the national and global levels. Jo’s writing and activism focus on economic injustice, poverty, and egalitarianism. In this interview, Jo challenges classical macroeconomic theories such as the business cycle […]

An Interview with Award-Winning Author Diann Floyd Boehm

Diann Floyd Boehm is an award-winning international author. Diann writes children’s books and young historical fiction adult books. In addition, Diann writes books to inspire kids to be kind, like themselves, peace, and to “Embrace Imagination”. You can find all her books on Amazon. Diann does speaking engagements, book signings as well as author visitations. […]

Interview with Author Mark J. Rose

Mark J. Rose is a scientist, author, and adventurer. He holds a doctorate in pharmaceutical chemistry and is a director of research and development at a major biotech company. Fascinated with how humans adapt in a rapidly changing world, his writing resides at the intersection of technology, science, and society. Rose is the author of […]