Create Your Magic Potion


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“Hardships make us strong. Problems give birth to wisdom. Sorrow cultivates compassion. Those who have suffered the most will become the happiest” -Daisaku Ikeda This self help book is an effort to understand the role of problems and sorrows in cultivating strength and achievements. Many soul searching ideas and techniques are included in the book to help find faith, contentment, and inner peace. These practices are put across as a common person’s experiences to deal with unexpected nerve wracking situations, negative thoughts, and common stresses. Some of the exercises are very uncommon and quite childish, but they are magical! The short anecdotes and ideas in the book will help to: create your own magic potion, enjoy nature, enjoy conversations with God, appreciate what you have, put no comparison between you and others, work out positive results at home and workplace, love without conditions, understand things and situations wisely and act upon more wisely, pray for others and yourself, control your impulses, rely only on your actions and the Supreme Power, have positive pep talks and enjoy beautiful results of your own actions.